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Welcome to
CanDo Organizing and More

A Bit About Us

Our "CanDo" Attitude

Welcome to CanDo Organizing and More! We've been friends for years and have been offering organizing and light cleaning services to individuals and businesses in the Columbus area since 2014. Most jobs are easier when tackled with a friend ... let us help you with your organizing and light DIY projects.

Together, we "CanDo"!

Beth & Cara

Our Services

Home/Office Organizing

Piles of Books

Take a look around your home or office and ask yourself

these two questions …
What’s working here? And, what makes me crazy?

Let us help you regain control and find peace

in your home or workplace.


Moving Boxes

You may be looking to “downsize” or "rightsize" …

either way, it’s time to make a change.  

Change can be difficult … but, we can help as you make

the decisions, reduce and pack your belongings,

and look ahead to what‘s new on the horizon.

Home Staging

Bright Room

We often rely on Cara’s design background as we help our clients organize their spaces. Now you can leverage her expertise, too!  Cara has an incredible eye for detail when it comes to furniture placement, lighting purchases, flooring or paint choices, etc.  If you want a “new look”, ask Cara for suggestions … she also has experience staging homes

for clients who plan to sell!

Add-on Cleaning

Cleaning Equipment

Are you thinking, “I’d need to spend HOURS cleaning this room before I could even think about hiring an organizer”? 
Good news!  

As an add-on, we can clean your space before or after we organize your space.

Yes, we’ve seen all kinds of houses, but we don’t judge.

When you show us your mess, we can better assess your organizational needs.

Elfa Closet Installation

Clothes Hangers

Organizing a closet?  Why not start from the ground up for optimal efficiency and ease-of-use?  We can help design, set-up and organize your new closet or storage space.

Light DIY Projects

Hand Holding Color Swatches

Have you noticed? Starting any project is like opening a can of worms! Before the job is complete, you may want a picture hung or a paint color updated.  We can help with these and other light DIY projects, or refer you to dependable business associates, certified in their specific field.

Home: Service

"As a single gal without family close by, CanDo made my move so much easier."

Sandy N.


and Better

Basement Reset

This project is what a "one afternoon" can do for you with our help! The client wanted help creating more floor space that had been lost over the winter.  Let us help you reclaim your space!

D- to an A+

Teacher's Resource Closet

This closet had not been as useful as it could be for this busy teacher.  It was time to purge and organize!  Now, it is a one-touch resource closet organized by school subject.

Before #1

Before #1

After #1

After #1

Before #2

Before #2

After #2

After #2

Before #3

Before #3

After  #3

After #3

Overwheming to Organized

Moving In

CanDo Organizing and More organized a basement full of boxes to make it easier for the new homeowners to make sense of what had been in long term storage.

"Two thumbs up! CanDo Organizing and More did a great job getting our sunroom ready for summer. Our windows have never looked cleaner. I will recommend them to my friends.”

Rita B.

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Thanks! We look forward to discussing your organizing project.

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